The Social Script is a project run by Our Room in partnership with The Gaddum Centre, MIND and 42nd Street.  As the NHS develops innovative approaches to Mental Health support, such as Creative Social Prescribing, Our Room set out to explore how what it is existing services already provide that can fit into this development.   

The theory behind Creative Social Prescribing is that the elements of social connection and creativity that are already embedded into The Men’s Room practice, can play a role in helping improve someone’s wellbeing and overall mental health.  

The Social Script works with a group of participants from across the city and using co-production methods that Our Room apply to all of their projects, we are curating a creative project that will foster community and give people the opportunity to practice and mould their own creativity. NHS professionals, frontline workers and other professionals will be invited into take part in the project, feedback on what we do but also listen to those people who will be accessing the new services.  

For more information, or on how you can get involved, contact Hannah on