Fergal McCullough

Fergal joined Our Room in September 2014.


Before joining the Our Room Fergal worked with asylum seekers and refugees, managing a refugee resettlement programme and previously working as an organisational development worker helping refugees and asylum seekers establish and run their own community organisations. Fergal has a background in project and programme management, group work and volunteer management.


‘It’s wonderful to work with such passionate people.’


‘The reason I’m here and want to be here is because it’s a space and a provision that challenges me with something new every day.’


Kate Goodrich - Head of creative

Kate goodrich
Head of Creative

Kate joined Our Room in June 2018. She is really excited to be here and developing the creative vision and practice of the organisation, alongside the men who use our services, staff and volunteers.


Kate’s background is in the arts and voluntary sector and has previously worked in prisons, with community groups and young people, using a wide variety of participatory and creative practices. She has worked across the UK (mainly in the North!) and has spent time living and working in Chile and Australia.


She has a particular passion for collaborative work with people who feel that their voices and opinions are not heard and acted upon. She believes that engagement and change happen best when people enjoy themselves and are an active part of the creative process.


“I’m thrilled to be here and working with such a fantastically diverse group of people and I’m looking forward to further developing the creative practice and provision at Our Room”.

Shelley Wagon Head of Creative

shelley wagon
Head of Creative

Shelley joined Our Room in June 2018, and is delighted to be working alongside Kate as Head of Creative Provision. Shelley has worked extensively within the arts and social justice sector, working in a variety of settings, ranging from prisons and other criminal justice settings to community groups.


Shelley believes that the arts have the ability to transform peoples’ lives, and to provide them with a voice. She feels that creative engagement offers a genuine opportunity for improved health and happiness.


“I’m so excited to be part of The Men’s Room team, and feel privileged to meet and work with such an array of interesting and creative individuals.”

Nicola Kenzitt
Trust and Foundations Fundraiser

Nicola joined the Our Room in September 2022, has worked in finance and fundraising development for 15 years, most recently working with organisations that support sex worker’s rights. 

“I feel really privileged to be given the opportunity to work with such an amazing organisation and am looking forward to realising the fundraising potential to enable the incredible work to continue.” 

JOe muir

Joe Muir
LGBTQ+ ABEN Case Worker.

Joe has experience supporting survivors of modern slavery as a caseworker and through this has worked with asylum seekers and refugees whilst they settle in the UK. He initially became involved in supporting people experiencing homelessness whilst at university by volunteering at Coffee4Craig’s homeless drop-in centre. Following this he utilised experience in social media marketing to set up a charitable music event that has raised money for Coffee4Craig.


“It feels great to be working with people who recognise the complexity of the lives of the people they are supporting and act accordingly by being aware, flexible and respectful of people’s needs and situations.”


Grant Hughes
Service Support and Project Development worker


 Spending most of his career in IT Sales and managing relationships with large corporate customers. Grant has been volunteering since 2016 when he started mentoring for AKT, a homeless LGBTQA+ youth charity. Grant enjoys making a positive contribution to young people displaced from home.

Grant has been involved with Our Room as a volunteer since December 2020 when he supported with the cold weather outreach and following he has been a volunteer case worker.

‘I Hope that I can do my bit to help the talented team at with Our Room to support our service users’