Leave a gift in your will 

After taking care of your loved ones, consider leaving a gift in your will to Our Room. We rely on the generosity of people to continue our work supporting male, trans and non-binary sex workers. 

Leaving us a gift is easy and will ensure that our vital work can continue. Our core work involves crisis support, help with accommodation needs, and providing trauma informed support and mental health services so that male, trans and non-binary sex workers can live healthier, happier more creative lives. 

Your gift could fund artist lead creative workshops, support workers to provide 121s, a hot meal or all of the above. 

How do I leave a gift in my will? 

There are three main ways that you can leave a gift in your will: 

  1. Residuary gifts – A share of an estate after all other payments have been made 
  1. Pecuniary gifts – A specific sum of money 
  1. Specific gifts – A particular item, such as property or shares, left as a gift 

More information can be found on the UK Government website.  

If you are writing your will, we recommend that you speak to a qualified solicitor or will writer to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled correctly.  

All they will need is our name, address and registered charity number: 

First Floor Raven House, 

113 Fairfield Street,  

Manchester, M12 6EL 
Registered charity: 1146658 

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more information about leaving a gift in your will Our Room, please email info@ourrroom.org.uk