From June – August 23 we collaborated with the wonderful Company Chameleon to devise a dance piece exploring relationships of all kinds.  ‘Consumed’ confronted how we might find ourselves ‘playing with fire’ in our human interactions, and was part of our wider ‘Playing With Fire’ arts strategy. The focus on dance was designed to push our artistic boundaries and capabilities, propelling us outside of our comfort zone with some astonishing and moving results.  It was performed over two nights at the Royal Exchange ‘The Den Festival’ in Beswick, and received great feedback.  


“Very professional after saying no one had danced before, it was hard to believe.” 

“The level of vulnerability through dance, the beauty of it, was very humbling.” 

“Emotion, dance symmetry, music accompaniment, it was escapism for my mental health.” 


It was a very positive experience for participants and staff too. 

The part in the performance where I was wiping my face really helped me to get rid of that emotion and to free myself of it. It gave me a space to process and expel all those emotions and that toxicity.”  

I didn’t know that my body could do that. I’ve got terrible coordination. If I had seen that video (of the final piece) I would have said no way!” 

“I’ve learned lots from the project, the compassion and bravery of the participants is truly inspiring.”  (Kevin Edward Turner, Co-Artistic Director and co-founder of Company Chameleon.)